Here’s a great article from BBC News about how the world would be a different (and we think better) place with more women in Tech! Article and photos courtesy of BBC News.

What if there were more women in tech?

From gender-neutral bots to period-friendly healthcare trackers, cars with more storage and clothes with bigger pockets – the world could be a very different place if there were more women working in tech.

We asked a group of women who are working in the fields of science, technology, engineering and maths (Stem) how the world might be compared to now, if more women were present in these male-dominated industries.

Now in its eighth year, the annual celebration of women working in Stem is named after the woman regarded as the world’s first computer programmer – Ada Lovelace – because of her work with inventor Charles Babbage on his idea for an “analytical engine” in the 1800s.

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