Loren Hudson

Vice President, Human Resources 

Comcast Keystone Region

What one thing has transformed your career? 

When I reflect on my career, I think about many transformational events and decisions, but the one that tops the list is my decision to apply for the Keystone VP role.  I spent 18 years of my career in the Washington, DC area.  I knew everyone and everyone knew me.  With the size of that region, I had the opportunity to work with many different functions and develop my business acumen.  However, at some point I realized I had to make a change if I wanted to continue to grow.  That change had to take me out of my comfort zone to a place where I could experience new ways of thinking and be exposed to different work groups.

 How has the idea of facing fear impacted your career?

I believe in facing fear head on, and many times I have found that my fear is based on an unknown. To get through fear, I talk with trusted mentors and colleagues to share my thoughts, feelings and perspective. It helps greatly even if I do not find answers to my unknowns.  I have found comfort in talking through it, hearing recommendations and hearing other perspectives.

As women leaders, has participation in WICT and its programming enhanced your leadership capabilities?  How?

Yes, WICT offers well-rounded and dynamic programming.  I have participated in a variety of programs throughout my career, and they have provided me opportunities to network with other women within telecommunications, focus on wellness and the importance of investing in my own professional development.

How did your participation in the Betsy Magnus fellowship impact your career?

BMLI is one of the most impactful programs I have participated in during my career.  The investment of time around my development and the level of personalization and feedback is amazing.  The insight into being a woman executive and where we need to focus and develop is on target and forward thinking.  I will always treasure the bond that we developed among the women in my cohort.  The level of support, feedback, guidance and outreach is priceless. 

Here are just a few of the benefits you receive as a WICT member:

  • Connections. You will meet the most amazing women (and men) who will serve as role models, mentors and friends.
  • Training. Whether you attend our webinars, local chapter programs or national seminars such as the WICT Leadership Conference or the Senior Executive Summit, you’ll bring back tools and skills that you can impact your success.
  • Guidance. The WICT Touchstones of Leadership form the foundation for all of WICT’s initiatives. They serve as our compass and can serve as yours. You will gain clarity on the value you bring to your organization and your vision for your career. 

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